• 1.Different LED chips in one lens, Spectral radiation uniform, Lens + Reflector cup, Concentrating radiation, Energy saving 50% @0.5m.

    2.D6 Spectrum - Dedicated to medicinal and medical plant growth.

    3.High PAR output, Height of plant canopy 0.5m PPFD>700µmol/m²/s, For Basement, grow tent planting medicinal plants.

    4.Large size 0.9x1.2m (3'x4'), multiple Bar arrays, uniform spectral radiation.

    5.German brand Horticultural LED and Meanwell power supply.

    6.Waterproof IP65, Can be used in humid environments.

    7.LED Bar distance 230mm can be adjusted according to the demand.

    8.Input: AC100~305V, PF >0.9 Power: 480W(A Type).

    9.Long life up to 50,000 hours.


  • 1.Basement, grow tent planting medicinal plants

    2.Large size 1.2x1.2m (4'x4'), multiple Bar arrays, uniform spectral radiation

    3.High PAR output, PPFD>650µmol/m²/s, 1.2x1.2m Average value

    4.Dedicated to medicinal and medical plant growth

    5.Dimming Meanwell LED Power, long life more reliable 

    6.Waterproof IP65, Can be used in humid environments

    7.Input: AC100~305V, PF >0.9 Powr:480W

    8.Long life up to 50,000 hours

    9.CE RoHS FCC

  • 1.PPFD up to 1450μmol @0.2m,Hanging installation of greenhouses and basement plant growth lights.
    2.Meanwell power supply for longer life and reliability.
    3.Function mode option DM: with built-in dimmer. (Can be customized external to adjust the light, use PWM,0-10V dimming, need to buy additional).
    4.Function mode option UV: With a separately controlled UV spectrum switch, you can turn on the UV 395nm spectrum at the appropriate time to stimulate the plant's stress response and produce useful pharmaceutical ingredients
    5.Function mode option UV-DM: UV spectrum switch, additional dimming potentiometer.
    6.Preferred plant-specific spectra, multiple light-recipe to meet different plant requirements.
    7.Discard the traditional fan cooling solution (as a result of fan lights affect the life span of life).
    8.Input: AC100~305V PF >0.9 Power: 200W.
    9.Meet the safety requirements around the world, CE RoHS FCC .

  • 1.LED toplighting solution for greenhouse growers, 40x40mm C-profile for easy installation2.Different LED chips in one lens, More uniform spectral radiation, higher light utilization efficiency

    3.German brand horticulture LED, Whole lights effect2.3umol/J, High efficiency and more reliable

    4.Meanwell power supply for longer life and reliability, Dimmable plant light

    5.Preferred plant-specific spectra, multiple light-recipe to meet different plant requirements. (Customize the spectrum you need)

    6.Discard the traditional fan cooling solution (as a result of fan lights affect the life span of life)

    7.Waterproof IP65

    8.Input: AC100~305V PF >0.9

    9.Meet the safety requirements around the world, CE RoHS FCC 

  • 1.Low price economical LED module Vertical medicinal planting horticulture LED for commercial horticulture cultivation.
    2.High-PPFD >1000µmol/m²/s @0.2m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.6umol/J
    3.Optimal spectrum of medicinal plants, after extensive practical planting tests!
    4.Samsung LED(or Seoul LED) , Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED
    5.The recommended Mounting Height: 6” ~ 12” (15~30cm) Above plant canopy
    6.Life span 50000 hours

  • 1.Four-channel spectrum is adjustable, Vertical medicinal planting horticulture LED for commercial horticulture cultivation.
    2.High-PPFD >1200µmol/m²/s @0.2m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.8umol/J (Excluding far red light)
    3.Free 1-10V dimmer, you can control the brightness of each channel
    4.Optional mobile app controller, with built-in preferred growth program of medicinal plants, and can set up light program according to demand, light time, spectrum and light intensity in different growth stages
    5.Preferred spectra and combinations: WW 4000K/CH1, NW3000K/CH2, 660nm/CH3,730nm/CH4, multiple spectra can be adjusted as needed
    6.Power: rated total power 680W
    7.CE RoHS FCC

  • 1.Vertical medicinal planting horticulture LED for commercial horticulture cultivation.
    2.High-PPFD >1200µmol/m²/s @0.15m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.8umol/J
    3.Optimal spectrum of medicinal plants, after extensive practical planting tests!
    4.Samsung LM301H, Far Red, Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED
    5.Using meanwell power supply, long life is more reliable
    6.The recommended Mounting Height: 6” ~ 12” (15~30cm) Above plant canopy
    7.Life span 50000 hours
    8.CE RoHS FCC

  • 1.Delivers an average of 320-380µmol/m²/s over canopy 2.88 square meters(4'x 8' 32 square feet)
    2.Economical horticulture LED Growth Light Curtain for basil strawberry and culinary herb production-propagation of vegetable and ornamental crops
    3.Vertical agricultural planting lamp for shelf structure plant factory, home indoor plant farm
    4.The T series adopts a conjoined lens structure, which has a higher light utilization rate and is planted on a 1.2m wide shelf. Energy saving 12%(0.3m height test average value)Patents multiple countries and regions are pending
    5.High efficacy includes lens 2.3μmol/J, no lens 2.4μmol/J
    6.Optimized full spectrum light recipes, and can be customized
    7.Input voltage: DC48V, 480W, single strip power 24W
    8.CE RoHS FCC

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