Koray Opto-electronic Co. Ltd., its predecessor Ruixian Electronics established in 2004. Has been committed to the research and development of green lighting products, production, sales. Has more than 20 patents, including invention patents, utility model patents, the appearance of patents.


Koray main products are: LED Plant Light, LED Projection Light, LED Flood Light, LED Tunnel Light, LED Bulkhead Lamp, LED Down Light. As well as special purpose LED lights source, etc.. XineLam is mainly engaged in the production of advertising light source.


Our products for high-end customers demand, the main customers in Europe and United States, Japan and other developed countries, which: Germany, British, Japan accounted for 70% of the proportion of customers.


We have always insisted on doing the real green lighting products. Complete green lighting contains: comfortable, efficient and energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, these 5 indicators are indispensable!


We meet customer needs as our own responsibility, products fully compliant the requirements of the

world certification, to compliant the most stringent 'Energy Star' standards. Perfect traceability mechanism and advanced testing equipments, even if only to order a sample, can clearly check the production of each link, to guarantee product quality!


Honesty, responsibility, pragmatic and enterprising is our work attitude!

Would like to work with you together to create a green future!