Exhibits include:

1, waterproof LED bar grow plant lights, which uses a unique new design lens, each lens intensive many different LED chips. not because of different irradiation distance, the phenomenon of spectral non-uniform radiation ,

Another LED aluminum strip plant lights, each lens increases the reflective cup, so that PPFD increased,

Than similar products 30-50% energy saving.

2, Full spectrum of grow plant lights, you can choose 3 for different plant cultivation, K1 red and blue than the whole spectrum is mainly used for vegetable cultivation,

K4 universal full spectrum for all plant growth,

K8 for the high CRI Ra97 suitable for viewing Type plants potted

products include:

LED T5 T8 lamp-type plant lights, LED bulb-type plant lights

3, high-power plant lights, mining lamps suitable for cultivation of hemp, cast light type suitable for waterproof high-power place.


Koray looks forward to welcoming you.

2016 Gangzhou Iternational Lighting Exhibition had been completely successful. Thanks for all customers the support and attention!


Koray will participate in the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2016 - will show new type of plant growth lamps