1M LED Grow Light Bar - OSRAM Horticulture LED Waterproof IP67

1.  Top lighting,inter lighting and multilayer cultivation

2.  OSRAM Horticulture LED, high efficiency.

3.  Waterproof IP67 LED Grow Light, 1000mm LED Module

4.  Deep Red 660nm and Blue 445nm, 8:1

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Description: RX-GW35 Series LED Grow Light Bar, Waterproof design, protection class IP67, Discard the traditional fan cooling solution (as a result of fan lights affect the life span of life), Comprehensive aluminum heat dissipation, Cooling mode solutions, Low temperature rise, that enable lights live longer. Mainly used for: aquarium plant cultivation, organic vegetable, Mushroom cultivation, man-made greenhouse, home potted plants, flower pots, etc. to use Can promote plant growth, and also extend the flowering period to improve the quality of flowers.

1.    Top lighting,   inter lighting and multilayer cultivation

2.     OSRAM Horticulture   LED, high efficiency.

3.     Waterproof IP67   LED Grow Light, 1000mm LED Module

4.     Deep Red 660nm and   Blue 445nm, 8:1

5.     High efficiency Photon PPFD   117µmol/m²/s

      (Distance 50 cm 60° Lens)

6.     Coverage Area: 1m² @140° Lens; 0.4 m²   @60° Lens

7.     Power: 22W DC24V Constant   voltage input

8.     50

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