4H ADJ spectrum Horticulture LED Module Bar Plant grow lights

Indoor Vertical Farming Lights - Horticulture LED Module Bar ADJ spectrum, LED research Module Bar

The switch controls four different LED channels, including 450nm, 660nm, 730nm and full-spectrum LED chip. You can also customize the lamp beads for UV or IR wavelengths.

Four independent spectral channel designs adjust your desired spectrum for a full range of plant growth 

(including sprouting, seedlings, plant growth, sprouting, flowering and maturation). Suitable for plant factories, home planting, aquarium growth, especially for the germination and planting of laboratory plants.

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RX-GW45-120-4H LED Grow Light Module, 4 individual spectrum channels design, Adjust the spectrum you need, ideal for different kinds of plants all-stage cultivation (including sprout, seedling, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening). Available For plant factories, home planting, aquarium growth, and particularly suitable for lab plant factory germination and planting.


1.      Plant   incubator LED module - Growth Chamber Light module

2.      Multiple   spectrums optional according to plants needs.

3.      Different   LED chips in one lens, Spectral radiation uniform, Lens + Reflector cup,   Concentrating radiation, Energy saving 50%

4.      Optimized   spectrum combinations: 450nm/CH,660nm/CH,730nm/CH,K16/CH

5.      Ideal   for lab scientific research, plant factory cultivation and family growth.

6.      Optional Silicone potting waterproof IP65

7.     New   design, Patent No: 201620887642

8.      50000Hrs   long life span

9.        CE RoHS FCC





Peak   Wavelength

Photon PPFD


Luminous   flux

Radiation   Power

Power Input






110µmol @0.2m   7230Lx

Flux 1973Lm

Fe 6.8W

20W DC24V

Tissue   culture and nursery Ra88

High CRI   White to provide a human friendly working environment

74µmol @0.3m 4838Lx

43µmol @0.5m   2879Lx


125µmol @0.2m   7361Lx

Flux 1997Lm

Fe 8W

22W DC24V

Rhizome   growth beets celery

Aquarium   lighting

83µmol @0.3m 4962Lx

 50µmol @0.5m 2938Lx


 189µmol @0.2m 8252Lx

Flux 2188Lm

Fe 11W

36W DC24V

Production of   leafy vegetables

Lettuce,   spinach…

 128µmol   @0.3m 5582Lx

 74µmol @0.5m 3262Lx


203µmol @0.2m   8307Lx

Flux 2200Lm

Fe 12W

39W DC24V

For most   plant cultivation

berries &   vegetables

137µmol   @0.3m 5646Lx

80µmol @0.5m   3310Lx


 203µmol @0.2m 8267Lx

Flux 2182Lm

Fe 12.4W

41W DC24V

Increase Far   red 730nm

For some   plants flowering results

 137µmol   @0.3m 5615Lx

 80µmol @0.5m 3327Lx

Surface   temperature rise Tc 22°K , Operating temperature: -30 °C ~ 40°C ,

Lifespan:   50,000 hrs (Note: Ta ≤ 25 °C)

Tolerance   range for optical and electrical data: ±10 %.

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