330330H High Power Waterproof Medicinal Plant Light Grow Tent Module Kit

High PAR output, PPFD > 1000μmol/m2/s at 0.3μm

Suitable for planting tents for planting medical plants

100W is equivalent to 1000W, saving more than 100% energy than traditional fan-type plant lights

D5 spectroscopy is dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal plants (medical plants)

This Products is intended for those people who have a valid license from their government to grow Medicinal plants for medical use.

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Description: RX-GW45-3330330H-KD Medicinal plant LED grow Light module, Full spectrum, Range from UV to IR, Super High PAR output, PPFD>510µmol, ideal for medical plant growth. The D5 spectrum has been extensively tested and is 100% effective against medicinal plants, it has the biggest contribution for plants and useful for increasing the harvest. Suitable for use in basement and other No sunshine environment for planting crops.



1.        Basement, Grow Tent for   Medicinal and Medical Plants

2.        Different LED chips in one   lens, Spectral radiation uniform, Lens + Reflector cup, Concentrating   radiation, Energy saving 50%

3.        Waterproof IP65

4.        High PAR output, PPFD>800µmol   at 0.35m

5.        Low temperature rise, fanless   design, more safe and reliable

6.        D5 suitable for Vegetative   and Flowering & Harvesting stage

7.        Meanwell ELG LED Power, long   life more reliable

8.        Input:  AC100~240V, PF >0.9 Power: 120W

9.        Long life up to 50,000 hours

10.    CE   RoHS FCC




Peak   Wavelength

Photon PPFD


Luminous   flux

Radiation   Power

Power Input






 1200µmol @0.3m 44000Lx

Flux 5394Lm

Fe 31W

 120W AC230V

Vegetative   & Flowering & Harvesting growth stage

505µmol @0.5m   20266Lx

280µmol @0.7m   11175Lx

Surface   temperature rise Tc 33°K , Operating temperature: -30 °C ~ 40°C , Lifespan:   50,000 hrs (Note: Ta   25 °C)

Tolerance   range for optical and electrical data: ±10 %.

Recommended   irradiation distance 0.2-0.7 meters. Suitable for 16"x16", 24"   x24", 32" x32" grow tents

Kit includes: LED Module, Power supply, Mounting screws, Hanging wire rope Kit

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