GK-200W indoor plant tent medical plant grow light

Medicinal plant Lights

This Products is intended for those people who have a valid license from their government to grow Medicinal plants for medical use.

D4 spectrum, dedicated medicinal plant light source, through extensive practical planting, can significantly improve quality (CBN, CBD, THC) and harvest.

KR-GK-200W D4 90D diameter 400mm, suitable for plant tents under 1.2x1.2m size, recommended irradiation distance 0.3-0.7m

German brand Horticultural LED, full spectrum, including UV and FR, is ideal for planting medical plants Light, high PAR output, PPFD>510µmol/m²/s

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Description:  KR-GK-200W Super High PAR output medicinal plant grow light, High PAR output, PPFD>>510µmol, 200W far exceeds similar 1000W products. D4 Full spectrum, Range from UV to FR, ideal for medical plant growth. The D4 spectrum has been extensively tested and is 100% effective against medicinal plants, it has the biggest contribution for plants and useful for increasing the harvest. Medicinal plant specific spectrum - Suitable for grow tents and basement planting, Plant crops in a place without sunlight.

1.     Basement,   grow tent planting medicinal plants

2.      200W far exceeds similar   1000W products? Energy Saving >100%

3.      D4 Spectrum - Dedicated to medicinal   and medical plant growth

4.      Meet the safety requirements   around the world

5.      Meanwell HBG LED Power, long   life more reliable

6.      Waterproof IP65, Can be used   in humid environments

7.      Fanless design, more   reliable, longer life

8.      Recommended irradiation   distance of 0.5 ~ 2 m

9.      Input:  AC90~305V, PF >0.9 Powr:200W

10.    Long life up to 50,000 hours

11.   CE   RoHS FCC



Peak   Wavelength

Photon PPFD


Luminous   flux

Radiation   Power

Power Input






395nm 420nm 450nm   6000K 625nm 660nm 730nm

1600µmol @0.5m   47480Lx

Flux 9749Lm

Fe 65.8W

200W AC230V

Light   emitting angle: 60°

Suitable for   higher space locations

430µmol @1m   12834Lx

107µmol @2m   3158Lx


880µmol @0.5m   27000Lx

Flux 10103Lm

Fe 68W

 200W AC230V

Light   emitting angle: 90°

For Plant   Grow Tents

224µmol @1m 7168Lx

57µmol @2m 1855Lx

Surface   temperature rise Tc 48°K ,  Operating   temperature: -30°C ~ 40°C , Lifespan: 50,000 hrs (Note: Ta 25°C)

Tolerance   range for optical and electrical data: ±10 %.

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