RX-T5T-2T LED Dual Head T5T 360-degree flexible neck LED Grow Light tubes

1. The newly designed concentrating lens, 36 high-efficiency high-power LEDs, provides more than double the PPFD.(Compared to T5A Dual Head Led Grow light tube)
2. Dual Head Bulbs Gooseneck 360-degree easy to adjust and place anywhere.
3. USB connection function provides easy way to connect a wall outlet or an USB interface like computer 
4. 4 Dimmable Brightness Levels 25%,50%,75%,100% 
5. Timing Function - working time for 3 hours,6 hours,12 hours according to plants need. Note: After time setting, the light will turn off automatically, But you need to turn it on manually every day.
6. The preferred plant light spectrum, Customize the spectrum you need (for specialized companies only)
7. Lifespan: 50000hours,  Warranty: 2 years

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Description: RX-T5T-2T LED Grow Light tubes, Spotlight lens provides more than double PPFD, The Dual Head T5T with 360-degree flexible neck and clamp is easy to adjust and place anywhere. Dual Head Timing Grow Light 4 Dimmable Levels 3 Modes Timing (3H/6H/12H). The preferred plant growth special lighting spectrum. Suitable for indoor use, starting seedlings, potted plants follage plants, flowering plants, succulent and Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) plants.

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