RX-TP6350 series built-in power supply low temperature rise plant light module

1.Urban Vertical Agriculture - Horticulture LED Production Module lights

2.Illumination angle 120°, wide illumination area

3.Free back mounting bolts, Easy to extend fixed installation

4.Ultra-white tempered glass cover, good light transmission and high reliability

5.Waterproof IP65 

6.Input::AC100~277V,PF >0.9

7.Recommended irradiation distance 0.2~1 m, Hanging installation of greenhouses and basement plant growth lights

8.Lifetime: 25,000 hours

9.Meet the safety requirements around the world, CE RoHS FCC

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RX-TP6350 series built-in power supply low temperature rise plant light module, LED plant production module light, waterproof IP65, preferably plant-specific spectrum, a variety of light formula to meet different plant requirements; suitable for vegetable planting, flower planting, ornamental planting , succulent planting, medicinal planting, planting of high-space shelves, and filling of greenhouse plants.

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