TP5025T-120Z medical plant growth module array lamp Indoor plant for indoor planting of medicinal plants

1.Basement, grow tent planting medicinal plants

2.Large size 1.2x1.2m (4'x4'), multiple Bar arrays, uniform spectral radiation

3.High PAR output, PPFD>650µmol/m²/s, 1.2x1.2m Average value

4.Dedicated to medicinal and medical plant growth

5.Dimming Meanwell LED Power, long life more reliable 

6.Waterproof IP65, Can be used in humid environments

7.Input: AC100~305V, PF >0.9 Powr:480W

8.Long life up to 50,000 hours


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Description:  RX-TP5025T-120Z medical plant growth module array lamp, Koray LED Grow Lights, New patent design product with unique lens, Different LED chips in one lens, Concentrating Light efficiently and More uniform spectral radiation, directional light ,higher light utilization efficiency, more efficient comparing with common grow lights. Specially designed for medicinal planting, high PAR output, optimal plant-specific spectrum, from UV to Far red, to meet the light requirements of medicinal plants, fully stimulate medicinal ingredients. It is especially used for indoor planting of medicinal plants, planting planting tents, and scientifically experimenting planting.



 Different LEDchips in one lens, Spectral radiation uniform, 

Lens + Reflector cup, Concentrating radiation, 

Higher light utilization, energy saving 10-50%

●   Comparative test, test height 0.5M, cover area 1.2x1.2m; Koray lens reflector cup 

structure plant grow lamp, PPFD average, compared with of no reflector 

lens LED grow light, energy saving 26%

Note: The test luminaire power is the same as 480W, the spectrum is the same as SV2; the lensfree reflector 

plant light effect is up to 2.5umol / J, which is higher than the lens reflector product, but within the same 

illumination Range, the plant needs PPFD Photosynthetic photon flux density is much lower than lens 

reflector products.PPF is high, if the photon can not be more exposed to the plant canopy, then high PPF 

is useless; PPFD is the key parameter to measure the effectiveness of plant lights! The IES photometric test 

can calculate the illuminance value of each point, and we still use a more intuitive test method to compare. 

More in line with the actual planting environment. 


 Comparative test, test height 1M, cover area 1.2x1.2m; Koray lens reflector 

    cup structure plant grow lamp, PPFD average, compared with of no 

reflector LED grow light energy saving 42%

Koray LED grow plant light, using multiple different LEDs in a reflective lens, more uniform spectrum, 

lens + reflector, directional illumination, higher light utilization Traditional grow plant lights, angle of 

illumination: 120°, large angles of scattered light, light easily illuminate outside the canopy of the plant 

(such as the working channel) resulting in waste. 

 Comparative test, test height 0.2M, cover area 1.2x1.2m; Koray lens reflector 

cup structure plant grow lamp, PPFD average, compared with of no 

reflector lens LED grow light, energy saving 42%

Koray LED grow plant light, using multiple different LEDs in a reflective lens, more uniform spectrum, 

lens + reflector, directional illumination, higher light utilization Traditional grow plant lights, angle of 

illumination: 120°, large angles of scattered light, light easily illuminate outside the canopy of the plant 

(such as the working channel) resulting in waste.

   High efficiency, large size, waterproof, suitable for basement, 

plant tents, multi-layer planting medicinal plants

This Products is intended for those people who have a valid license from their government to grow Medicinal plants for medical use.

 High efficiency up to 2.4μmol/J, High PAR output, PPFD>600μmol@ 8" (500px) 

dedicated to medical medicinal plant growth

 Meanwell power supply, dimmable, waterproof, high reliability, 

3 in 1 dimming function (0~10VDC, PWM signal, or resistance)

 Input 100 ~305VAC

 Waterproof IP65

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