TP5025-4H 4-channel individual dimming control LED plant light module Horticulture Light LED Bar IP65

1.Different LED chips in one lens, Spectral radiation uniform, Lens + Reflector cup, Concentrating radiation, Energy saving 50%

2.Four separate channel dimming control that adjust different spectra to meet different light recipes for plant growth.

3.Optimized   spectrum combinations: 450nm+white/CH1,660nm/CH2,730nm/CH3,395nm/CH4

4.Plant incubator LED module - Growth Chamber Light module, Ideal for lab scientific research, plant factory cultivation and family growth.

5.Optional Silicone potting waterproof IP65

6.New design, Patent No: 201620887642

7.Common anode design, can be driven by ordinary RGBW controller


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RX-TP5025-4H LED Grow Light Module, 4 individual spectrum channels design, Adjust the spectrum you need, ideal for different kinds of plants all-stage cultivation (including sprout, seedling, vegetative, budding, flowering and ripening). Available For plant factories, home planting, aquarium growth, and particularly suitable for lab plant factory germination and planting

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60D Depth distance & Coverage: 

 Four independent channels, using different spectra, you can adjust the spectrum and 

adjust the light intensity according to the plant light recipes. 

Common anode design, can use a general-purpose PWM 

constant voltage DC24V dimming controller, such as RGBW dimmer. 

 Test report

● Switching connection

● Four channel dimmer connection

Make sure that the power and dimmer power is greater than the power consumption of the plant light module and leave a 20% margin.

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