RX-TP5025-K8 Large-size High PAR High Power toplighting Medical plants growth lights

1.Basement, grow tent planting medicinal plants

2.Large size 1.2x1.2m (4'x4'), multiple Bar arrays, uniform spectral radiation

3.High PAR output, PPFD>800µmol/m²/s, 1.2x1.2m Average value

4.Dedicated to medicinal and medical plant growth

5.Built-in power supply

6.Waterproof IP64, Can be used in humid environments

7.Input: AC100~277V, PF >0.9 Powr:640W

8.Long life up to 35,000 hours


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Description: RX-TP5025-K8 medical plant growth module array lamp, Koray LED Grow Lights, Connected in series with 8pcs TP5025-80W , New patent design product with unique lens, Different LED chips in one lens, Concentrating Light efficiently and More uniform spectral radiation, directional light ,higher light utilization efficiency, more efficient comparing with common grow lights. Specially designed for medicinal planting, high PAR output, optimal plant-specific spectrum, to meet the light requirements of medicinal plants, fully stimulate medicinal ingredients. It is especially used for indoor planting of medicinal plants, planting planting tents, and scientifically experimenting planting.

● Small size, high power 80W , built-in power supply

● Optional lens angle:

 60D 60° lens reflector                                                                  90D 90° lens reflector 

 RX-TP5025-K8-90D PPFD Test

7.8'' ( 0.2m) Test height (lighting distance between luminaire and plant canopy)

Average value of test points: 861.7µmol/m²/s 

RX-TP5025-K8-D90 Height 7.8'' ( 0.2m) Test

 RX-TP5025-K8-90D & 60D PPFD Test

11.8'' ( 0.3m) Test height (lighting distance between luminaire and plant canopy)

90D Average value of test points: 757.6µmol/m²/s

60D Average value of test points: 726.2µmol/m²/s

RX-TP5025-K8-D90 & 60D Height 11.8'' ( 0.3m) Test

RX-TP5025-K8-90D PPFD Test

19.7'' ( 0.5m) Test height (lighting distance between luminaire and plant canopy)

Average value of test points: 607.7µmol/m²/s

 RX-TP5025-K8-D90 Height 19.7'' ( 0.5m) Test 

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