RX-GW78-2H-336 Double-channel medicinal plant lamp,

1. Dual-channel LED grow module, channel A plant vegetative growth, channel A and channel B, for flower harvesting
2. Samsung LM301 and extra deep red 660nm and far red 730nm plant Horticulture LED
3. Max power CHA maximum 2.4A 80W; CHB maximum 1.8A 57W
4. Beam angle 120°, The recommended irradiation distance is 0.2~0.5m, which is suitable for greenhouses,basements and indoor light-free environments.
5. The standard does not contain a power supply and can be connected in series to form an array of lamps.
6. Lifespan 50,000 hours 

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RX-GW78-2H-336 Double-channel medicinal plant lamp, channel A is dedicated to vegetative growth of medicinal plants, channel B is specially increased far red spectrum, used for medicinal plant flowering and medical component formation, using Samsung LM301 and extra deep red 660nm and far red 730nm Plant gardening LED, Preferred plant-Light recipes, Improve the yield and quality of medicinal plants.

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●   Design for balancing plant growth, horticultural full spectrum plant lamp module

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