RX-GWBK Economical LED Growth Light Curtain

1. Economical LED Growth Light Curtain

2. Vertical agricultural planting lamp for shelf structure plant factory, home indoor plant farm

3. The T series adopts a conjoined lens structure, which has a higher light utilization rate and is planted on a 0.6m wide shelf. Energy saving 50%. Patents multiple countries and regions are pending

4. High efficacy includes lens 2.3μmol/J, no lens 2.4μmol/J

5. The plant-specific full spectrum is optimized to meet different needs, B1 spectrum, suitable for seedling and tissue culture, B2 spectrum, suitable for plant vegetative growth.

6. Input voltage: DC48V, single rated power 12W

7. Lifespan: 50000hours


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Description: RX-GWBK Economical LED Growth Light Curtain, LED Matrix, LED Grid, Led Ladder, New design, has applied for international patents, optional lens structure - efficient concentrating, uniform spectral radiation, directional illumination, higher light utilization, energy saving of at least 50% compared to similar LEDs; meaning using less lights to build your Vertical plant farms; products without lenses, PPF is more efficient and suitable for larger width planting areas; especially for plant factories with high-density shelf structures

● Dimension:

● B1 spectrum, more blue light, 9000K color temperature, used for group breeding seedlings, and rhizome plant growth

● B2 spectrum, more red light, 3000K color temperature, used for vegetative growth, and most plants grow.

● 600200T with lenses LED Growth Light Curtain, the spacing between the light bars is 12mm, illumination coverage: 0.6x1.2m

RX-GWBK-60020T 10pcs strip to strip 120mm 18 test points testes

● 600200 without lenses LED Growth Light Curtain, the spacing between the light bars is 12mm, illumination coverage: 0.6x1.2m

RX-GWBK-60020 10pcs strip to strip 120mm 18 test points testes

●   600200T with lenses LED Growth Light Curtain, the spacing between the light bars is 12mm, illumination coverage: 0.6x1.2m

●   600200 without lenses LED Growth Light Curtain, the spacing between the light bars is 12mm, illumination coverage: 0.6x1.2m

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