RX-LM301-128 high PAR output grow tent medicinal grow light module kit

1.High efficiency grow light module kit,efficiency up to 2.9 µmol/J

2.Samsung LM301 led chip,high efficiency and reliability

3.Additional 660 nm deep red led chip,efficiency up to 3.2µmol/J,

   Suitable for plant growth

4.Aluminum substrate size: 14''x10'' (355x255mm)

5.Meanwell OWA-60U power supply

6.Can be customized the size, power, spectrum, PAR output, 

   PPFDoutput as you need

7.Input voltage: 40~47V, input current 0.5~1.5A, maximum power:70W 

8.Lifespan 50,000 hours


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RX-LM301-128 high PAR output grow tent medicinal grow light module kit,  for Balanced growth. Samsung LM301 high efficiency led chip, and add the deep red 660 nm. More effective spectra for medicinal plants, full spectrum is Ideal Medicinal plants LED grow light which can obviously improve the quality and harvest. suitable for basement planting, plant tent planting, experimental planting and greenhouse planting.

● Dimension

● High efficiency and energy saving,Samsung LM301b led chip,add Ultra-high efficiency deep red 660 nm ,efficiency  up to 3.4µmol/J

efficiency up to 3.4umol/J

●  Meanwell power supply, Waterproof rating IP67high reliability

Meanwell power supply OWA-60U-48, input voltage: AC 100-240V, IP67 waterproof rating, safe and reliable

  Stepped insulation design for the power supply for better heat dissipation

Effectively isolates the heat transfer of the plant light module heat sink to the power drive, which has good heat dissipation effect.

  Testing Report

  Designed for balancing plant growth ,full spectrum grow light for horticulture

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 Other optional accessories(Need additional purchase)

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