RX-LM301-312-K2 High PAR output LED grow light module kit for medicinal plant in tent

1. High-efficiency plant light module,with PPF efficiency up to 2.8μmol/J

2. Samsungs LM301 chips, efficient and reliable

3. Additional 660nm deep red spectrum chips, light efficiency up to 3.2μmol/J, suitable for plant growth

4. Size: length 24.8" 630mm, width 7.9" 200mm, height 2.7" 68mm

5. Customize the size, power, spectrum, PAR output, PPFD output you need.

6. Input voltage: AC100~277V, Maximum power: 240W

7. Service life: 50,000 hours


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Description: RX-LM301-312-K2 High PAR output LED grow light module kit for medicinal plant in tent,large size module 24.8" x 7.9" (630x200mm),designed for balanced growth,using Samsung LM301 high efficiency LED chips, additional  660nm spectrum, more effective medicinal plant-specific spectrum.This prodeut is the ideal LED grow moudle for medical plants. RX-LM301-312 can significantly improve the quality and harvest. Suitable for basement planting, plant tent planting, experimental planting and greenhouse planting.


● High efficiency and energy saving,Samsung LM301b led chip,add Ultra-high efficiency deep red 660 nm ,efficiency  up to 3.4µmol/J


efficiency up to 3.4umol/J

● Each board uses 321 beads, more than the number of beads used in other companies' traditional boards

LM301-312 plant light module uses312 high-efficiency led chips , using Samsung LM301 led chip and 660nm deep red leds, 

More effective spectra for medicinal plants, full spectrum is Ideal Medicinal plants.

● Light science design, higher light uniformity

Light science design, PPF efficiency is higher, average PPFD is higher

● Waterproof connector, TUV IP68,safe and reliable

AC input using waterproof connector which is safer, output 36V safe voltage without electric shock risk.

● German Brand WAGO2060 and WAGO221

Using WAGO2060, simple installation and high reliability

● German Brand WAGO2060 and WAGO221

Wire connection, using German brand WAGO 221 series connector, safe and reliable

● RX-LM301-312-K2 PPFD test

● RX-LM301-312-K2 PPFD test(Open Environment Testing (No reflection test)

1. RX-LM301-312-K2  0.4m(16 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:1398μmol/㎡/s,Average PPFD:654.1μmol/㎡/s

2. RX-LM301-312-K2  0.5m(20 in)hight PPFD test,Center point PPFD:908μmol/㎡/s,Average PPFD:512.21μmol/㎡/s

if you need the data testing in tent,please contact us 

● Dimmer(free)

Free dimmers 0-10V dimmer, note that the dimmer is not waterproof. If you need to connect to other dimming devices, you can cut the connecting wires,

the blue wire is DIM+, and the gray wire is DIM-


● Optional dimmer

Optional dimmer,

In particular, if you choose this dimmer, you will not be equipped with waterproof connectors.


● Use one-piece heat sink, the thickness of the heat sink is up to 15mm, the height of the 

power supply step is 20mm, and the heat dissipation effect is better. 

RX-LM301-312-K2 plant light module uses integrated heat sink, grid design, stepped power supply, better heat dissipation

● Plug selection

Plug in the power supply and choose the right plug when ordering

● Product List

● Free Accessories

● Other optional accessories(Need additional purchase)

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