RX-G5025-K6 Economical plant light module array for Medical plants growth lights

1. Low-cost, economical plant light module
2. High power PPF PAR up to 1500umol/S, PPF efficiency up to 2.5umol/s
3. Unique reflective design, PPFD up to 1100µmol/m²/s @0.15m
4. Not waterproof, can be customized waterproof IP65
5. K6 Array plant light Power 600W/AC230V, 550W/100V
6. LED grow bar Max 120W/Bar
7. Long life up to 50,000 hours

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Description: RX-G5025 600W economical plant light module,  medical plant growth module and array lamp, New reflective design, patent pending, Concentrating Light efficiently and More uniform spectral radiation, directional light ,high light utilization efficiency, more efficient comparison with Common grow lights.  optimal plant-specific spectrum,  to meet the light requirements of medicinal plants, fully stimulate medicinal ingredients. It is especially used for indoor planting of medicinal plants.


● RX-G5025-K6-F15 600W 37-point test, Coverage area: 48′′ x 48′′ (1.2mx1.2m), Test height: 6′′ (0.15m)

RX-G5025-K6 600W 375px test

Center point PPFD: 1100μmol/㎡ /s   The PPFD average is 975 μmol/㎡ /s

 Testing Report

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