RX-G3740-4H 450W high-power plant light module four channels of four different spectra can control dimming separately

1.Four-channel spectrum is adjustable, 0.5m PPFD up to 1300µmol/m²/s
2.German brand gardening LED (except UV LED)
3.Applicable to high-powered male plants, high-light medicinal plants, research institutes, laboratories, plant factories, family science planting
4.Lens reflector, high efficiency concentrating, PPFD increased by 30%, waterproof IP65
5.Preferred spectra and combinations: 450nm+white/CH1, 660nm/CH2, 730nm/CH3,395nm/CH4, UV, BW, DR, FR multiple spectra can be adjusted as needed
6.Power: rated total power 450W

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Description: RX-G3740-4H 450W high-power plant light module, four channels of four different spectra, can control dimming separately, combine more spectrum, meet the illumination needs of different plants and different growth periods, and can be better applied by adjusting different spectra. Plant germination, group cultivation, growth, flowering, fruiting, harvesting and other lighting requirements at different stages; suitable for planting all kinds of plants, aquarium, especially suitable for experimental planting, plant nursery, plant factory, plant incubator special light source .


Depth distance & Coverage:

● Four independent dimming power supply, dimming mode compatible with resistance dimming, 0-10V dimming, PWM dimming, free dimmer; optional APP dimming control

4 Basic Light Spectral

Can adjust light recipes as needed

● Testing report

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