LM301 Series horticultural plant light module medicinal plant LED quantum plate

1.Horticultural plant light module LED quantum board, suitable for tent planting medicinal plants
2.Adopting Samsung LM301 lamp beads, German brand horticultural LED (see table below), efficient and reliable
3.Multiple models and multiple spectra can be selected
4.Additional 660nm deep red LED is suitable for plant growth, and Far red 730nm promotes flowering and medicinal ingredients.
5.Customize the size, power, Light recipe, PAR output, PPFD output you need
6.life 50,000 hours

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Description: RX-LM301 Series high PAR output plant tent medicinal plant light module kit, horticultural LED module medicinal plant LED quantum board, designed for balanced growth, using Samsung LM301 high efficiency lamp beads, German brand gardening LED, added DR660nm or FR730nm spectrum, more effective medicinal plant-specific spectrum, full spectrum, is the ideal medical plant planting lamp, can significantly improve the quality and harvest. Suitable for basement planting, plant 

tent planting, experimental planting,greenhouse planting.







RX-G3740-4H 450W high-power plant light module four channels of four different spectra can control dimming separately
KR-G100T Full spectrum can be customized to include deep red LED medicinal plant lights

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