RX-GW45-K330 Medicinal plant LED grow Light module horticulture lighting group

1.Optimize the medicinal plant light-recipe, especially add a separate UVFR switch, and turn on the UVA and far red wavelength LED lamp bead as needed,Stimulate plant stress response. for Vegetative and Flowering & Harvesting stage
2.Standard: 90 type reflector protection, can be customized: 90D Lens + Reflector cup, waterproof IP65
3.High PAR output, PPFD>1200µmol at  8” (0.2m)
4.Meanwell LED Power, long life more reliable 
5.Power: 140W Contains UV and far red, 125W not contain UV FR
6.Long life up to 50,000 hours

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Description: RX-GW45-K330 Medicinal plant LED grow Light module horticulture lighting group, Full spectrum, The UV and far red spectrum of the independent switch control can be turned on when needed, stimulating the plant's stress response, producing more medicinal ingredients and increasing the weight of the flower. Super High PAR output, PPFD>1000Micromol ideal for medical plant growth. The F7 spectrum has been extensively tested and is 100% effective against medicinal plants, it has the biggest contribution for plants and useful for increasing the harvest. Suitable for use in basement and other No sunshine environment for planting crops.

Dimension: & 90D Depth distance & Coverage:

● 90D Different LED chips in one lens, Spectral radiation uniform, 

Lens + Reflector cup, Concentrating radiation, PPFD increased by 38%

● Optimize the medicinal plant light-recipe, especially add a 

separate UV FR switch, and turn on the UVA and Far red 

wavelength LED lamp bead as needed,Stimulate plant 

stress response. for Vegetative and 

Flowering & Harvesting stage

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