RX-GW120 Folding LED grow top light medicinal plant horticulture LED module

1.Vertical medicinal planting horticulture LED for commercial horticulture cultivation.
2.High-PPFD >1200µmol/m²/s @0.15m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.8umol/J
3.Optimal spectrum of medicinal plants, after extensive practical planting tests!
4.Samsung LM301H, Far Red, Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED
5.Using meanwell power supply, long life is more reliable
6.The recommended Mounting Height: 6” ~ 12” (15~30cm) Above plant canopy
7.Life span 50000 hours

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Description: RX-G120 Toplighting medicinal plant LED, Vertical agriculture commercial horticulture cultivation , Designed for growers to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices. Not intended for beginner growers or grows without CO₂ supplementation. Preferred medicinal plant light recipe, Light recipes can be customized.

● Dimension

● F32 Light recipe - Optimal spectrum of medicinal 

plants, after extensive practical planting tests!

●  F31 Light Recipe-Customizable spectrum, extra far red light 

FR730nm is added, which is more conducive to flowering and harvest!

●  Samsung LM301H, Far Red, Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED

●  RX-G120 630W 45-point test, Coverage 

area: 48′′ x 48′′ (1.2mx1.2m), Test height: 8′′ (0.2m)

●  Meanwell power supply, long life is more reliable

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