RX-G120-4H High power 4-channel horticultural Lights for all growth stages of medical plants

1.Four-channel spectrum is adjustable, Vertical medicinal planting horticulture LED for commercial horticulture cultivation.
2.High-PPFD >1200µmol/m²/s @0.2m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.8umol/J (Excluding far red light)
3.Free 1-10V dimmer, you can control the brightness of each channel
4.Optional mobile app controller, with built-in preferred growth program of medicinal plants, and can set up light program according to demand, light time, spectrum and light intensity in different growth stages
5.Preferred spectra and combinations: WW 4000K/CH1, NW3000K/CH2, 660nm/CH3,730nm/CH4, multiple spectra can be adjusted as needed
6.Power: rated total power 680W

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Description: RX-G120-4H 680W High-power plant light module, four channels with four different spectrums, which can be individually controlled for dimming, combining more spectra to meet the lighting needs of different plants and different growth periods. By adjusting different spectrums, it can better apply to plants Light requirements at different stages such as germination, group cultivation, growth, flowering, fruiting and harvesting; suitable for commercial planting of medicinal plants and professional experimental planting.

● Dimension

● Single-channel spectrum

  Koray App Professional Dedicated Controller Test  (APP control system 

requires additional cost, please contact Koray)High-PPFD 

cultivation practices For growers to push the envelope, Not 

intended for beginner growers or grows without CO2 supplementation.

  Koray App Professional Dedicated Controller Test 

 (APP control system requires additional cost, please contact Koray)

Home hobbyists cultivating without CO2 

supplementation at ambient conditions around 400 ppm

RX-GW120 Folding LED grow top light medicinal plant horticulture LED module
RX-G120-V2 Folding LED grow top light medicinal plant horticulture LED module

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