RX-G120-V2 Folding LED grow top light medicinal plant horticulture LED module

1.Vertical medicinal planting horticulture LED for commercial horticulture cultivation.
2.High-PPFD >1200µmol/m²/s @0.15m, High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.9umol/J
3.Optimal spectrum of medicinal plants, after extensive practical planting tests!
4.Samsung LM301, Far Red, Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED
5.The recommended Mounting Height: 6” ~ 12” (15~30cm) Above plant canopy
6.Input Power: 630W/AC120V, 620W/AC277V
7.Life span 50000 hours

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Description: RX-G120-V2 Toplighting medicinal plant LED, Vertical agriculture commercial horticulture cultivation , Designed for growers to push the envelope with high-PPFD cultivation practices. Not intended for beginner growers or grows without CO supplementation. Preferred medicinal plant light recipe, Light recipes can be customized.

● Dimension

  Samsung LM301H, Far Red, Hyper Red with German brand horticulture LED

 F35 Light recipe - Optimal spectrum of medicinal plants, 

after extensive practical planting tests!

 F36 Light Recipe-Customizable spectrum, Suitable for 

plant seedling stage, vegetative growth stage.

 High efficiency , PPF efficiency is up to 2.9umol/J,  

High-PPFD >1200µmol/m²/s @0.15m

RX-G120-4H High power 4-channel horticultural Lights for all growth stages of medical plants
RX-G1000 Plant tent medicinal plant light LED module Samsung LM301 LED quantum module

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