RX-LM301-OS Plant tent medicinal plant light horticulture LED quantum module

1.High efficiency up to 2.8µmol/J, only consume 240W but has same harvesting as fake 2000W Red ratio blue led growing lights
2.Veg footprint is 3 x 4 ft, Flowering footprint 2 x 3 ft
3.Samsung LM301 led chip and German Brand deep red 660nm
4.MeanWell Driver power
5.All aluminum heat dissipation without fan zero noise
6.Power: 245W/AC120V, 240W/230V, 237W/277V
7.Lifespan 50,000 hours, Warranty: 3 years

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Description: RX-LM301H-OS-K2 Sunlight spectrum Plants Lights for Indoor Veg and Flower Growing Lamp, Samsung LM301 high efficiency led chip, and add the German Brand deep red 660nm. More effective spectra for medicinal plants, koray LED grow light which can obviously improve the quality and harvest. suitable for basement planting, plant tent planting, experimental planting and greenhouse planting.

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● Dimension

●  High efficiency up to 2.8µmol/J, only consume 240W but has 

same harvesting as fake 2000W Red ratio blue led growing lights

●  Vegetable flower succulent and medicinal plant growth light

●  Comparison of three plant lights

●  PPFD test report and temperature test report

●  PPFD Comparative test

1.  2.6 'x2.6 ' (0.8mx0.8m)No reflection test,0.4m height multi-point PPFD comparison test:

2.  2.6 'x2.6 ' (0.8mx0.8m)No reflection test,0.5m height multi-point PPFD comparison test:

Multi-point irradiation PPFD data sheet and Packing list

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